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A clean home is a happy home! Bobbie/Brooke Mini Maid Services is offering exceptional maid services in Winston, GA, that are sure to cater to residents seeking a haven of clean serenity. We have a longstanding commitment to excellence and our maids are trained to deliver the immaculate results that each home deserves.

At Bobbie/Brooke Mini Maid Services, we pride ourselves on being more than just a maid service – we’re your trusted partner in enhancing the quality of your living space. As a local service provider deeply rooted in Winston, GA, we bring a personalized touch to our maid service that reflects an understanding of the unique needs and preferences of our community.

Get in touch (404) 997-0321 with us today, and we can help you restore order in your house, ensuring you have a clean slate every time!

Why Hire Professional Maid Service in Winston, GA?

A clean and organized house has a direct influence on your ability to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. You may think that you have everything under control and you can tackle all aspects of cleaning your house on your own, but it might become an overwhelming job in the long run. Our expertise and convenience can simply take this burdensome chore off your shoulders and free you up to enjoy your day, every day.

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Our Services in Winston & Surrounding Areas


Our maid service ensures that no dirt or dust gathers on any surface in your home. From furniture to books and decorative items, everything will be dusted to eliminate accumulated dust and allergens.

Vacuuming and Mopping

Experience a clean indoor environment with our vacuuming and mopping services. We ensure your house looks clean and polished, free from pet hair, debris, stains, or dust.

Bathroom Cleaning

An integral part of any home, our bathroom cleaning service ensures a thorough clean, from fixtures to faucets. Relax and let our professionals create a hygienic restroom for you.

Commercial Floor Cleaning

General Tidying Up

Hire our maid service to organize and declutter your living areas. This can include anything from putting away laundry to tidying up after any party you may have hosted.

Kitchen Cleaning

Prepare your kitchen for the next gathering with our kitchen cleaning service. Our cleaners will meticulously clean your countertops, appliances, and cabinets, leaving everything sanitized and polished.

Customized Cleaning Plan

Our maid services offer customized cleaning plans, allowing you to specify particular areas of focus or additional cleaning tasks based on your preferences and need


Q. Can I always work with the same maid if I really love the work they do?

Absolutely! If you have a favorite maid whose work you love, we’ll do our best to schedule them for your cleaning appointments whenever possible. Your satisfaction is our priority, and Bobbie Brooke Mini Maid Services aims to provide a consistent and personalized cleaning experience that meets your expectations.

Q. How will you access my home?

Your home’s security is our top priority. We make access arrangements with you in advance, whether it’s a spare key, door code, or your presence during cleaning appointments. We prioritize your preferences and handle access with care and professionalism. If you have specific concerns, let us know, and we’ll find a secure solution together.

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